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04.04.2008 We have open a new Blog for Police Officer Smith. In the future you can find there the news for POS: http://www.policeofficersmith.de/ 27.02.2008 The Saturn Coding contest end next days, we working hard to release a demo from Pos for this contest. The Demo has 4-6 Scenes with music SFX and some animation, but you can see this the next days. The first in-game Screenshots from the first scene are in the media section. 16.06.2007 Here is a little Trailer from POS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBGJUEZLXyY 06.06.2007 THE PROJECT HAS NOT DIED , and also never becomes. Now it's time to experience more about the Charakters in POS. You can find Pictures and a little description over the most important people in POS and a great soundtrack is playing in the background. 29.04.2007 We have a new member in our Team, he's a very awesome composer. Here is the Link to his page http://www.andysound.de/ Go on Hörproben than you can select some Tracks. I've added the Link in the Link section too. 20.03.2007 Because we've got many Questions to make a German site we've done it. The link is in the link Section 25.02.2007 The translation from German to English has began. 27.12.2006 I've updated the Media Section with some new Pictures. The first Picture of China is in this Section too. 08.12.2006 Yeah, the half of the Game has been finished. The Mini-Games are finished too. We are planing to release a Demo of POS later. 21.09.2006 We have a new Cover for the Contest. 20.09.2006 We've a new partner in our team he's going to take part in the Script-writing Process in which he already gained experiencein former project. I've added the link to his Homepage in the Link Section. 03.08.2006 New Screenshots in the Media Area. 11.07.2006 Join the Cover Contest and you become a credit at the end of Police Officer Smith. Take a look at the Contest Section. We are planning some Mini- Games in the Game, one of this Games will be like Sokoban or Shove it. You working in a Warehouse with a Forklift and bring some Boxes to a special Place. When you have done a Level you become some Money. I have added a Screenshot in the Media Area. 03.06.2006 Now you can download a paket via filesend with some little Movies in the Media Area. Take a look. 01.06.2006 The Story Area has now a new Design, It's designed with two very cool Characters. You can hear a little Track in the Story Area too. Now we have found someone who translate the game in Spanish 28.05.2006 I'veadded a little Movie to the Media Area 23.05.2006 Hey folks, Rockin B and I are working on a new Sega Saturn Homebrew Game Which will be similar to Snatcher and Policenauts. I have added some Screenshots in the Media section for the curios Rockin B and i will make it multilanguage, it will be in German, English and French, we still searching for someone who translate it into Spanish. If you are interested send a mail to, djbb1304@yahoo.de
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